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Renewal and Cancellation


MetaBlast Nutrition offers each course for 60 days and subscriptions for 30 days.
Renewal for expired courses will be subject to a $39 fee to gain access to the 4-week content that lapsed.
Those without an active membership will pay full price for future courses. Continuation of the program after membership is renewed will allow for continued member incentives of discounts on future courses and $17 Lifer Status subscriptions.


Membership or Course refunds will be issued upon request with verification.
Full refunds will be issued for accidental duplicate purchases.
Full refund. Less than 14 day membership, less than 10% of the course completed with 3 or less logins tracked.
Partial refund. Less than 14 day membership, less than 25% of the course completed with 7 or less logins tracked.
Digital assets. These products cannot be returned.
$39 will be withheld from the purchase amount of the MetaBlast Method.
$94 will be withheld from the purchase amount of the MetaBlast Bundle.
All refunds will be issued within 14 days of verification and correspondence via email.

To attain membership renewal to any course or inquire of a billing error please contact support@metablastnutrition.com


Cancelation and expired courses will void membership. You will lose access to your dashboard, courses, documents, any new content, benefits of the forums and platforms and any bonuses that had been given within your membership.

To cancel your membership subscription please locate the “My Account” link under your photo icon and select “Billing”. Modify or cancel your current subscriptions.

If you do not see your subscription listed there it means you purchased your subscription prior to the launch of this platform.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at Member@MetaBlastNutrition.com to submit an email ATTN: Cancel Membership.