Top 10 Metablast Questions:

  1. *What do I need in order to participate with this program? – Food and a willingness to learn! A computer or mobile devise and access to a printer or your pubic library. No supplements necessary.
  2. *I have a crazy schedule. How can I make this work? What if I work nights or travel often? – Yes! You have to eat! No matter if you travel for work, stay at home or work swing shifts, you can do this. Follow the phase rules that I lay out. Meals can be interchangeable within that phase. You don’t have to eat breakfast foods for breakfast. You can start with any meal as long as it is within the appropriate phase. Pack a snack and lunch or snack and breakfast food. You can also make your dinner in advance and take that with you! Reference the Master Food List as much as you need to for modifications. Stick to the menu I provide as much as possible, even if it’s out of order a bit. Eat 4-5 times a day during your first month.
  3. *Can I do this program if I’m single or have a large family of 6-8? Yes. You can adjust the meals on the meal map to suit your family size. If single or cooking for 2, I suggest making one meal per phase and using the left overs the following evening. If your family is larger, you will have to read through the dinner recipes document and modify the recipes to double it, or make simple modifications for the family’s needs (like adding a few more carbs or starches for little kids).
  4. *Can I work this plan on a small budget? YES! Don’t waste food! You can use the plan base and phase rules to use up the food in your freezer.
  5. *What will this plan cost me in groceries? That depends on how much you stick to the meal map and how big your family is. The first week of shopping will cost more than the rest of the month because of the staple items I will have you get. Most of which will last you all month! I’ll talk about this more as we proceed with Prep Week. After the initial week, average groceries are $100 a month for a family of 4. You will also be eating out less. Many confirm that they actually end up spending LESS overall on food during the month.
  6. *How do I adjust the portions? – No portions! Just follow the guidelines of each phase and enjoy unlimited vegetables and additional protein when needed. The more you weight you have to lose the MORE you should eat. It’s counter intuitive… you have to trust the process!
  7. *What kind of weight loss results are people experiencing? I have a lot of weight to lose. – It depends on how broken your metabolism is and if you’re on any medications. This way of eating will be beneficial short term or long term. Average results have been 8 pounds a month for those with a BMI higher than 26. We set goals of losing 4% of your current body weight as something to shoot for. Weight loss is the happy side effect!
  8. *I do not have weight to lose, I just need to advance my health. Can MetaBlast help? – ABSOLUTELY! The food in this program is what your body wants to digest. The focus is metabolic function, gut health, ridding the body of toxins and restoring health within the body. Once you get through Month 1, I’ll make suggestions on how to modify for weight maintenance or weight gain, which are similar to the rules that apply to children as well. (Noted in the recipes)
  9. *Why can’t I have my coffee? It’s acidic. We are trying to make your body more alkaline as we repair your digestive system and release stored body fat. I will offer alternatives as you wean off the coffee.
  10. *Do I have to participate in Facebook? – No. You will be able to access the content needed within your dashboard. The Facebook Community is optional, yet HIGHLY SUGGESTED! There will be posts, videos, LIVE Q&A, encouragement, daily accountability, units of deeper understanding and support of others on the same journey as you.

Getting Started

*Where do I begin?

*Where can I ask questions? – Program information will post during Prep Week in the MetaBlast HUB. Ask questions in the comments of any post.

*When does the program start? – Generally the first Monday of the month.

*How do I sign up and pay? or

*Where do I find more information before I choose to commit? – The main website, the free preview and the hub. All 3 links are above.

Other Common Questions

*When do we get the recipes and shopping lists? – You will receive a schedule and all documents upon enrollment of the program. Every member will have access to a full dashboard of content through their own username and password.

*How many weeks is this program? There are 12 weeks total. You sign up for 4 at a time. Each month having its own set of meal plans for you to follow.

*Can I do this program if I am pregnant or nursing? To advance your health, sure! This program is high in protein, dense in nutrition and high in fat. Your baby and breast milk will be getting the protein, nutrition, fat and water needed. You may even need to eat MORE. Any fat that your body releases in these metabolic processes will be offered to the baby and breast milk FIRST before exiting the body. As always, consult your physician.

*My thyroid or gallbladder has been removed. Can I do the diet? – A diet, way of eating, nutritional lifestyle that supports healthy metabolic function is important, and that’s what MetaBlast is. We are eating real and whole foods and cutting back on the processed foods, fake additives and sweeteners, and pulling out wheat and dairy. You’ll be doing your body a huge favor! Everyone’s weight loss will be different, it’s more like a happy side effect. These foods in this strategic program will help you to improve your health and metabolism.

*I’ve had gastric bypass or lap band surgery. Can I do the diet? – You’ll need to consult with your physician on this one. The foods themselves will be fine, but depending on your own situation, your doctor may advise adjusting the portions. There are enough food choices that you should be able to adjust.

*I have Celiac or gluten sensitivity. – It’s actually really easy to follow MetaBlast gluten-free. There’s no wheat on the program already, and there are plenty of other gluten-free grains to choose from like quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice and wild rice. It may be difficult for you to find a sprouted grain bread that will work (that doesn’t have sugar, soy or corn in it), but you can just choose another grain.

Do You Have More Questions?