Facebook Groups (Support)

MetaBlast holds nutrition and program accountability through Facebook groups. Participation is not required but is highly encouraged. This exclusive and private group is for those participating in a MetaBlast Course. Joining this members-only community is one of the most powerful tools to success and encourages you to truly apply yourself to what you’re learning. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress and celebrate the wins! You’ll make life-ling friends and be able to be cheered on in your journey to better health and wellness.

The MetaBlast HUB is a public group that allows you to ask questions prior to committing to the program. The HUB is our main referral source.

Q. How can I join the members-only MetaBlast Nutrition Community?

MetaBlast offers an exclusive private group through Facebook for those actively participating in a course. A private link will be provided within your Prep Week Dashboard. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress, ask questions, get inspiration, stay accountable and to celebrate your wins! There is also a public group that hosts information and announcements, perfect for staying connected and inviting friends and family to the HUB as a referral source. You can request to join the public group here.

Q. What are the House Rules for the Facebook Group?

No pitching, promoting or selling – please refrain from offering lead capture or paid offers in this Facebook group or sharing your own Facebook Pages or groups.

Keep it positive and helpful – we all know the health journey is tough but is a battle worth fighting. We work by the principle of “if everyone did it, would it be ok?” It’s really important this group is positive and isn’t a place to vent, rage, share emotional issues or complain – I promise you, a good girlfriend face-to-face and a cup of tea is a wonderful way to share and download after a big week.
Hook each other up! Found a cool tool? Share it! Did something that worked a treat? Fill us in! Need recommendations? Ask and let us hook you up too! We love sharing our secrets and successful recipes in this group so be generous and enjoy!

Stay focused on and be open to the accountability. This group is an incredible place to get support, questions answered and share your wins….but don’t forget, when you’re in here, you’re not enjoying your lifestyle so please be filled up with our love and support and then get back to what you do best! Don’t spend too much time on social media. Use is like a tool and check it like you would your daily email. 🙂

Don’t be overly humble – did you nail something? Well then share it and let us celebrate with you! We love sharing wins, big or small and encourage you to be proud of what you’re achieving. Let’s enjoy this space, encourage each other, band together and be successful in gaining our health in various ways. EveryBODY is different!

Please note: Posts that don’t follow our house rules will be deleted