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Are you ready to get started? Our groups kick off once a month, each round giving you a full week to receive information, ask questions, enroll and prepare for our launch date. (Generally the first Monday of the month)

Our program is located in a membership website. This program dashboard gives you to access the course you need with a personal username login. This allows you to go through the course at your own pace while providing you with the support you need!

Community access is held through public and private Facebook groups. The members-only community is given within your Prep Week lesson through a private link. The public link is called the MetaBlast HUB. The HUB will offer more information and community interaction as well a chance for you to ask questions before you commit to the program.

Members are not required to have Facebook in order to participate in the program and will receive full access to your own username and dashboard or course content. We do our best to start and stop at the same time each month to keep our community together. If you decide to get started right away and it does not fall without our group launch dates – ALWAYS START METABLAST ON A MONDAY and get involved! We are here to help!

Preview and Month 1 Course

Month 2 Course link is located in the Week 4 Lesson.
Month 3 Course link is located in the Week 8 Lesson.
Lifer link is located in the Week 12 Lesson.

All completed courses will also receive an email with further instructions. These enrollment links are active with your course, allowing you up to 90 days to move forward at the discounted rate. View the Renewal and Cancelation policies for more information.