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Course Experience

MetaBlast Nutrition has developed a video-based curriculum. Each member will have their own username and password to access a dashboard of content for a new course experience. The videos will walk you through the documents, meal prep, modifications, travel/holiday tips, ways to implement and obtain a clearer understanding of nutrition within the body. This step by step course will guide you at your own pace, at your own convenience, day to day or one lesson a week in short segmented 2-3 minute videos and downloadable content. This dashboard will allow you to stop, review, and pick up where you left off within the 30-day program. (Enrollment expires 90 days after course is purchased, allowing you more time when it’s needed.)

Course Preview

Here is a FREE TRIAL for you to view!
Enrollments for the full course take place once a month as a community (so you’re never alone!) with the dates listed on the course site. However, you can join at any time to go through the course at your own pace and still get plugged in to our members-only community! I encourage you to view the preview and direct any further questions into our community HUB.

Month 1 Cleanse and Heal

Eliminate allergenic foods for one month and relieve your body of hidden burdens. Reset your metabolism in a natural, food based, fool proof and healthy way! MetaBlast Nutrition can show you how easy it is to feel like YOU again!

✔ Gut Health
✔ Metabolism Repair
✔ Alkaline Body Environment
✔ Weight Loss
✔ Energy Boosting
✔ Hormone Regulation
✔ Sugar Free
✔ Gluten/Wheat Free
✔ Dairy Free
✔ NO Calorie Counting
✔ NO Portion Control
✔ NO Weird Ingredients
✔ NO Product Purchase Requirement

The community membership includes
✔ Meal Preparation Guide
✔ Meal Plans
✔ Recipes for All Meals
✔ Shopping Lists
✔ Nutrition Class/Information Based
✔ Daily Support and Accountability
✔ Family Friendly Dinners!
✔ All from the Comfort of Your Home

Month 2 Test and Repair

Test out these body burdens, including dairy and caffeine, and note your body’s ability to rid itself of toxins overall. The curriculum will also move into repairing the gut-brain relationship through extended fasting. Participation is options but highly suggested.

Course link is provided with completion of Week 4 lesson.

Month 3 Freedom and Lifestyle

Personal adaptation of a phase eating lifestyle is what will drive your success. Learn what works for others and how to incorporate moderation, how to get back on plan and recover after a weekend of travel or overeating, or test out your schedule and see if intermittent fasting works better for your body rather than eating 5 times a day.

Course link is provided with completion of Week 8 lesson.

LIFER STATUS Accountability and Success

This is an incentive is a perk given to MetaBlasters who have completed all 12 weeks of the program and want to remain connected. The access to your courses and accountability with our members-only content may be exactly what you need to stick with this lifestyle and we want to help you out! Lifer Status is a subscription option for only $15 a month! This offer expires when your membership lapses.

Membership link is provided with completion of Week 12 lesson.