About Us

Alyson Hershberger NutritionistAlyson Hershberger is a nutritionist who specializes in the metabolic cycle. She faced realities of hormone irregularities that caused her to struggle with weight management postpartum. Her children were diagnosed with seemingly chronic medical conditions that required long term medications or elimination diets. This led her to become passionate about nutrition and how food can work for the body, rather than against it. Through trial and error, her family paved the way for others faced with similar realities. The results in her weight were noticeable and the health of her children was medically astounding!

She shared her research and recipes with a few friends. Through word of mouth, community participation and input, MetaBlast Nutrition now coaches 300-500 new members each month!

Many men, women, parents and caretakers feel defeated and overwhelmed when the doctor advises a “change of diet” or to better manage and account for what they eat. It doesn’t matter what the reason may be – CHANGE IS HARD. Whether you need to change for yourself or joining forces with a loved one, MetaBlast Nutrition can be a powerful tool.

Alyson compiled the research, formulated and created the menus and recipes, tested it out with her family and advanced this program with the feedback provided over 3 years time with over 4000 different families.