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    Our bodies were created to live off of food. Nutrient dense food is the fuel we need! MetaBlast Nutrition will guide you to a strategic, effective, affordable and sustainable lifestyle.

4 Week Program

We will take 4 weeks to focus on the following aspects of health and digestion

Gut Health

Metabolism Repair

Alkaline Body Environment

Weight Loss

Energy Boosting

Hormone Regulation

Sugar Free

Gluten/Wheat Free

Dairy Free

NO Calorie Counting

NO Portion Control

NO Weird Ingredients

NO Product Purchase Requirement

The community membership includes

Meal Preparation

Meal Plans

Recipes for All Meals

Shopping Lists

Nutrition Class/Information Based

Daily Support and Accountability

Family Friendly Dinners!

All from the Comfort of Your Home

Facebook Groups

MetaBlast holds nutrition and program accountability through Facebook groups. Participation is not required but is highly encouraged. Joining this community is one of the most powerful tools to success and truly apply yourself to what you're learning. There is also a group, the MetaBlast HUB, that allows you to ask questions prior to committing to the 4 week program. Please visit my Facebook Business Page to join the waiting list for next month's group.


Nutrition: There are many nutritional philosophies on the market. Health and wellness will always be a thriving industry. MetaBlast was developed to assist someone who has never "dieted" a day in their life to be able to implement healthy living without feeling overwhelmed. MetaBlast was also developed for assisting gut health and targeting hidden body burdens by eliminating inflammatory food groups for one month and then testing them back in as members continue with the program. The menus, full recipes and shopping lists given save time (no need to search for dinner recipes or figure out the family meals each week), save money (buy what you will eat), and allow for the entire family to eat the same meals together.

Metablast focuses on:

1. Nutrition: This is why MetaBlast was developed. There are just too many diets and fads that I did not agree with. I wanted someone who has never “dieted” in their life to be able to have the chance to get healthy, without feeling overwhelmed. The meal plans help give you the tools to succeed!

2.Exercise: Particularly cardio, weight lifting or interval training. This is not required but always encouraged.

3. Supplements: You cannot provide your body with 100% of what it needs every single day through food. You just can’t. Getting on a multivitamin, probiotic and magnesium supplement is similar to offering your body an insurance policy.


Facebook Groups have been hosting the community and program since 2015 and we are ready to have a public platform! This new curriculum will allow for personal username logins for each member to access the material they need.

BETA 2018

There will be a BETA as we work through the kinks and upload information, videos, documents, and discussion forums in a way that makes for an interactive and enjoyable experience for our members. We will remain in Facebook Groups for accountability as the courses for each month are being developed. We are excited for the changes coming to MetaBlast Nutrition and we invite you to be a part of it!font>


Are you ready to Sign Up and join MetaBlast Nutrition? GREAT! I’m looking forward to working with you!

Are you ready to Sign Up and join MetaBlast Nutrition? BETA TESTERS WANTED! This opportunity could save you over $200!

Our groups kick off once a month, each round giving you a full week to receive information, ask questions, enroll and prepare for our launch date. ALWAYS BEGIN ON A MONDAY. We will soon be moving this program to a new location for our members! Our own MetaBlast dashboard! Please take time to view the sneak preview @

Watch the videos and take notes of the information given. Community access is held through the Facebook group called the MetaBlast HUB. You can ask all questions you may have in that group hub. If you would like to get involved in this fast paced forum to access more public information @

The HUB will offer more information and community interaction as well. Our group will open mid month before Prep Week begins. You're welcome to sign up anytime the pay portal is open, however, to ensure your success, track with us with the dates listed above. Pay attention to the sign up deadline and start date.

Members are not required to have Facebook in order to participate in the program and will receive full access to your own username and dashboard or course content.

November enrollment and Prep Week will take place October 21st - October 31st here on the main website. Start date will be November 5th. Cost: $20

December enrollment and Prep Week will take place November 18th - November 28th here on the main website. Start date will be December 3rd. Cost: $20

January enrollment and Prep Week will take place December 23rd - January 2nd here on the main website. Start date will be January 7th. New program will be fully developed and course content, videos, access, recipes, shopping lists, menus, community access. Cost: $175.
Veiw Announcement

Join the email list below to receive promotional coupons for 2019 MetaBlast Nutrition courses!

We do our best to start and stop at the same time each month to keep our community together. ALWAYS START METABLAST ON A MONDAY.

If you miss the group launch or decide to wait until the next round — here is the WAITING LIST for next month plus more information on the 2019 changes.

Thank you for your support!


Here is a FREE TRIAL for you to view along with the frequently asked questions. Enrollments for the full course take place once a month. I encourage you to view the preview and direct any further questions into our community HUB.

Members say about us

Please feel free to get in touch via the Business Page Messenger for further updates on group launch dates.

About Me

Hi there! My name is Alyson Hershberger and I am an information junkie! I would be a life-long college student in lecture halls if I had endless time and resources. Our world does not lack information. I crave the need to know more! I understand that I am a rare breed... Though as a population, many people have all of the information they need for success, or to make a change in their lives, but change is hard. We lack implementation. Many simply want to be told what to do or how to do it. Being a self starter is a rare characteristic. This is especially true when applied to personal health and fitness.

I owned all the books and studied all the courses and attended all of the seminars... but my health didn't change. I was overwhelmed with information and attained this abundance of knowledge of nutrition and the body, but didn't have an action plan.

I was determined to change (personal and family health needs) and wanted to help others do the same. The research was there. Done. If I could put all of this into a step by step system and implement it completely, then I could help so many other people advance their health, save them time and truly apply this to their lives too! The results we INCREDIBLE! What started as a person project turned into MetaBlast Nutrition. This is a flexible, affordable, effective, sustainable and truly valuable program that I can NOW share with you, alongside our growing community!

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