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  • Our bodies were created to live off of food. Nutrient dense food is the fuel we need! MetaBlast Nutrition will guide you to a strategic, effective, affordable and sustainable lifestyle.

4 Week Program

We will take 4 weeks to focus on the following aspects of health and digestion

Gut Health

Metabolism Repair

Alkaline Body Environment

Weight Loss

Energy Boosting

Hormone Regulation

Sugar Free

Gluten/Wheat Free

Dairy Free

NO Calorie Counting

NO Portion Control

NO Weird Ingredients

NO Product Purchase Requirement

The community membership is $20 a month and includes

Meal Preparation

Meal Plans

Recipes for All Meals

Shopping Lists

Nutrition Class/Information Based

Daily Support and Accountability

Family Friendly Dinners!

All from the Comfort of Your Home

Facebook Groups

All nutrition groups are run through Facebook Groups and participants must have an account. Please “like” the Business Page for future updates and new group launch dates as I only host these programs every 4 weeks. Send me a message through the Facebook Business Account to get access to next month’s waiting list!

Optional Supplements *

*Product purchase is not necessary to be a part of MetaBlast Nutrition. Many products will be featured throughout the month, within the group.

This is the order I believe in:

1. Nutrition: this is why MetaBlast was developed. There are just too many diets and fads that I did not agree with. I wanted someone who has never “dieted” in their life to be able to have the chance to get healthy, without feeling overwhelmed. The meal plans help give you the tools to succeed!

2. Exercise: particularly cardio. Interval training, like Couch to 5k app, Bikini Body Mommy or Beachbody’s T25 are my favorites.

3. Supplements: you cannot provide your body with 100% of what it needs every single day through food. You just can’t. Getting on a multivitamin and greens is like offering your body an insurance policy. All other supplements are for convenience and offer different “helps” to your body.

Sign Up

Are you ready to Sign Up and join MetaBlast Nutrition? GREAT! I’m looking forward to working with you!

I know the wait can be confusing — but I want you to be informed on what this program has to offer you before you commit! My program information is not public at this time.

This is a fast-paced group with a lot of information coming your way during Prep Week and into Week 1. We all start and stop at the same time each month. In order to get fully informed, please join us February 23rd - February 28th in the group forum .

Our group will open mid month before Prep Week begins. Scroll to the bottom of the group forum and work your way up through all of the information posted. Be sure to watch all of the videos as well! There will be a post with instructions for you to commit, sign up and pay for your membership. Enrollments and Sign Ups are primarily Tuesday & Wednesday with further instruction posted on the forum. You're welcome to sign up anytime the pay portal is open (below) during our Prep Week with a deadline of 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, February 28th.

I want you to know more program information, what you are committing to signing up for! So be a part of the community before enrolling. The program will officially begin March 5th!

You can find some general information along with group updates in the MetaBlast Hub by clicking this link

If you miss the group launch or decide to wait until the next round — here is the waiting list for next month

Thank you for your cooperation!

Member Sign-Up

If you have been a member for less than 6 months use this option.

Checks must be in the mail by Monday to ensure membership and avoid being removed from the group.


If you have been a member for 6+ months use this option. Check your beginning month forum to see if you get to change your status!

Checks must be in the mail by Monday to ensure membership and avoid being removed from the group.

Members say about us

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Hi There,

My name is Alyson Faye Hershberger. I am looking forward to connecting with you! You must have a Facebook account to be a part of our monthly nutrition groups.

Please feel free to get in touch via the Business Page Messenger for further updates on group launch dates.

Prep Week is scheduled to begin the last week of each month with time to ask questions on the group forum before choosing to commit to the 4 week program. Weekly menus, recipes and shopping lists provided.

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